Camp Crush is Jen Deale, Chris Spicer and Nate Purscelley. The soundtrack to the high school prom you wish you had.

PopMatters Premieres She's Got It EP

The opening "November Skin" serves as an excellent example of this, with Deale's vocals recalling the classic era of synthesizer pop (think: Berlin), the track tears down assumptions about the superficial. "The Last Hour" is anchored by lovely, plaintive keyboard figures and what may be Deale's most convincing performance among the pieces here. Then again, the cinematic flourishes of "Sad Eyes" or the haunting passages of the closing "Hometown Glory" are equally impressive. Deale and Spicer ask listeners to pause, listen and reflect; this isn't music for listeners in a race to consume but, instead, is there for those who choose to get beneath the surface and fully absorb the material.

AXS reviews November Skin

"There have been a lot of empowerment songs released over the last few years, but none quite like this. It has an important message to convey, but does it with the look of an 80's music video. Don't let the many different hair colors distract you from the fact that Deale and Spicer have put together a song that combines entertainment value and actual meaning, and make sure you watch all the way to the end for some very interesting shots."

PopDust Premieres Sad Eyes by Camp Crush

Husband and wife duo Jennifer Deale and Chris Spicer are rocking the music world together, blending old school and indie rock into something wonderful. They've got an EP coming up next month, but for now we've got their next single off the project and the corresponding video. If you're into cute arcade games, then you'll certainly be excited about this too.