Camp Crush is Jen Deale, Chris Spicer and Nate Purscelley. The soundtrack to the high school prom you wish you had.

We've got a crush on each other.

And you.

It's complicated.

Seeing Camp Crush live is like watching two people fall in love in front of you. Sparks fly as the duo, Jen Deale on synth and lead and Chris Spicer on drums and background vocals, give everything to the performance. Spicer says, “With this music we’re writing, we can be ourselves, and that is the most satisfying thing in the world - to be ourselves on stage. It helps that we’re in love, of course. There’s a deeper connection that comes through in our live show. I think our connection on stage gives people permission to hope for themselves, and to engage and experience something real.”

Camp Crush is a new wave pop duo from Portland, OR, best characterized by powerhouse vocals, tasty synth leads mixed with modern drum rhythms. Fronted by married sweethearts, the duo draws inspiration from Berlin, the Cure, Joy Division, New Order, the Killers, and the National. Happy Mag explains it best with, “The duo glide through a cinematic brand of indie-pop that is completely endearing and damn-near mesmerizing.”

Hot on the heels of two EP releases in the last year, Camp Crush is ready to release their third EP titled, Feel Something. Never shying away from weighty topics, this latest release is about fighting the numbness that can come with time. “In an era where political and social madness is everywhere, we were really fighting to stay present, positive and awake. We were tired of being angry, too exhausted to feel excited, and too wary of other peoples’ reactions to feel open. We wanted to tackle that universal feeling, (or better said ‘non-feeling’) and inspire ourselves to dig in to feeling anything, just as long as it’s real and in the moment. And with that, this new EP was born,” says Deale.

CC has been on the road non-stop in 2019, bringing their previous EP to stages all over the west coast. Selected as one of OPB’s top 10 sessions of 2019, OPB said, “Deale’s booming voice carries the songs while Spicer provides the perfect, steady backbeat, and they exude genuine happiness during every song.” 2020 looks to be the same story, as the duo is ready to take their new EP on the road. “Feel Something” will be released at The Sunset Tavern in Seattle, WA on November 1 and Doug Fir in Portland, OR on November 4.

“This EP is all about us returning to ourselves after the grind of touring, social media, and the political nightmare we’re all in,” says Spicer. “We wanted to write lyrics and melodies that drew us back to the source of why we do what we do and our connection to each other.”

“Feel Something” will hit the digital and physical world on November 1.

Jen Deale // Synth, Keys, Vocals
Chris Spicer // Drums, Vocals