Camp Crush is Jen Deale, Chris Spicer and Nate Purscelley. The soundtrack to the high school prom you wish you had.

We've got a crush on each other.

And you.

It's complicated.

When the synths start to swell and vocals begin to soar on Run, the new EP by Portland’s synth-pop duo, Camp Crush, listeners will feel the goose bumps rise and their hearts start to beat. This is the second EP in 8 months for the duo - Jen Deale on synth and lead duties, Chris Spicer on drums - and another collection of powerful pop songs, harkening back to their new wave inspirations.

Deale says, “As the youngest of 5 kids (all brothers), I spent a lot of time riding in cars with my older brothers. They’d be playing the Cure, Depeche Mode, with a sprinkling of hair metal here and there. This era of songwriting and production seeped in my early subconscious. It’s humbling when people listen to our music and tell me it reminds them of some of those early influences because it’s such a huge compliment to me.”

Seeing Camp Crush live is like watching two people fall in love in front of you. Sparks fly as the duo give everything to the performance. Spicer says, “With this music we’re writing, we can be ourselves, and that is the most satisfying thing in the world - to be ourselves on stage. It helps that we’re in love, of course. There’s a deeper connection that comes through in our live show. I think our connection on stage gives people permission to hope for themselves, and to engage and experience something real.”

The vinyl is barely dry on their 2017 debut EP, She’s Got It, but the duo is excited to release a follow up so soon. “We’re living in a political and social climate that’s uncertain; it’s polarizing and volatile. We believe in peace, we believe in equality, we believe in love. And our music is the voice we have to bring that message to a broader audience. Making music and art is the most important thing creators can do right now. The volatility of the world shouldn’t scare us from creating, it should be a call to action for us. So, we’ll keep writing, creating, and performing with the intent of spreading light and bringing goodness into the world,” Deale says.

Run is a commentary on human connection, which has been heavy on Deale’s mind since the election. “After the election, our relationships changed. We lost friends; best friends, even. Relationships within our family were strained,” says Deale. “Everywhere you looked, people were running from each other because connection wasn’t safe anymore. These songs are a reflection of my desire to still connect despite differences, to bring love into the most difficult of conversations.”

Jen Deale // Synth, Keys, Vocals
Chris Spicer // Drums, Vocals