Camp Crush is Jen Deale, Chris Spicer and Nate Purscelley. The soundtrack to the high school prom you wish you had.




Video Premiere: Camp Crush - 'Vicious Life'

“Family relationships and friendships broken by deep divisions in the U.S. following the 2016 election are the subject of this new song by Portland band Camp Crush, titled ‘Vicious Life.’”

PREMIERE: Camp Crush share their epic new video for The Last Hour

“The duo glide through a cinematic brand of indie-pop that is completely endearing and damn-near mesmerizing.”

Mistletones: Camp Crush Bring Holiday Magic to “Winter’s Dream”

“Camp Crush’s wintry new song is a dazzling indulgence of seasonal flare: Imagine, if you will, Cher singing a classic ABBA song, with a little Broadway spice and holiday flare.”

Best Of 2018: Sessions

“Deale’s booming voice carries the songs while Spicer provides the perfect, steady backbeat, and, despite the looming rain, they exude genuine happiness during every song.”

Dual Release Party with The Cabin Project and Camp Crush

“Their sound combines the icy textures and dance beats of new wave with the bombast of 80s pop and hair metal.”

The 30 Best Concerts to See in Portland: Jan 31-Feb 13

“Camp Crush is a project with a polished sound that’s heavy on silky synths, skyscraper melodies, and a grand sense of drama.”

Camp Crush Remind Us That 'She's Got It' (EP stream/premiere)

“This isn't music for listeners in a race to consume but, instead, is there for those who choose to get beneath the surface and fully absorb the material.”

Portland New Wave Duo Camp Crush Share Video for Single “November Skin”

'“‘November Skin’ is a passionate feminist song that helps to shed superficial assumptions about women.”

Camp Crush: ‘Speak To You’ [Video Premiere]

“In the face of convenience culture and social media, Camp Crush lives by one radical rule: Get offline, get out and get connected.”

Camp Crush’s Jennifer Deale Gets Real About Politics and Relationships with ‘Run’ EP

“Camp Crush’s new EP Run… [is] an album about human connection, but also the tragedy of human disconnection.”

Camp Crush’s Jennifer Deale on Parenthood, Music, Feminism and Carving Out a New Sound

“Camp Crush pushes out powerful, soaring, synth-driven pop-rock songs with such conviction that you’d think they’d been doing this forever.”

MP3 AT 3PM: Camp Crush

“Inspired by alt-rock legends such as the Cure and Blondie, Camp Crush combines new wave and straight-up pop, adding a modern indie-rock feel to the proceedings.”

Interview: Camp Crush

“I wanted to convey that women need to be seen as individuals, not stereotypes that we then can determine if they ‘have it’ or ‘don’t have it.’”

Watch: Camp Crush drops bright empowerment anthem 'November Skin'

“Deale and Spicer have put together a song that combines entertainment value and actual meaning.”

⭐️ PREMIERE ⭐️ | Camp Crush | "Sad Eyes"

“Husband and wife duo Jennifer Deale and Chris Spicer are rocking the music world together, blending old school and indie rock into something wonderful.”

Video Premiere: Camp Crush’s Female Anthem “November Skin” Deconstructs Assumptions & Expectations

“A vibrant synth-fueled pop sound, with bright licks and sweet melodies that pulse against heavy, forward-moving rhythms and fiery guitars.”