Camp Crush is Jen Deale, Chris Spicer and Nate Purscelley. The soundtrack to the high school prom you wish you had.

History of the band

Multitudes of dudes have been asking about where Santiam all began, and what it all means - if anything. And also, where did we all meet? Well, not to be a tease, but all of that info will be give to you on DELAYED RELEASE. Meaning, when we feel like it, every once in a while, we will fill you in on a little more personal info. It'll be so awesome in the future when those posts show up! You can't wait!

To hold you over, here's one tidbit of interesting information: Santiam was formed at Nick's Famous Coney Island on Hawthorne after going to an awesome and intimate record release for EDJ's first solo album at Jackpot records. FACT.