Camp Crush is Jen Deale, Chris Spicer and Nate Purscelley. The soundtrack to the high school prom you wish you had.

We've got a crush on each other.

And you.

It's complicated.

Do you remember the excitement of your first crush? The euphoria of your first kiss? The thrill of your high school prom? The excitement of new love that makes you want to dance in the streets?  Camp Crush is the music that will send those feelings rushing back. 

Perhaps it is because married duo, Jen Deale and Chris Spicer clearly have a crush on each other. Sparks fly between them both on and off stage, and together they have created the infectious, modern New Wave sound that is Camp Crush. Deale and Spicer draw inspiration from the synth innovation of the 80s, utilizing vintage thick synth patches, and integrating them into themes that are relevant today. 

It's that combination of epic sounds with the substantive nature of the lyrics that is unforgettable. As a songwriter, Deale seeks to uplift listeners, while providing real, emotional depth that tackles the emotional expectations placed on women. What's left to do when the world seems to be closing in on all sides? Camp Crush has the answer. Their latest EP, She's Got It, released 2018, is a feminist commentary that you can dance to.

Jen Deale // Synth, Keys, Vocals
Chris Spicer // Drums, Vocals